Copper Canyon Fire And Medical District


General Information:

Copper Canyon Fire & Medical is seeking an experienced Fire Marshal to join our District.  The Fire Marshal performs complex duties in planning; organizing and directing fire prevention, plan review and arson investigations.

The District enjoys the strong support of our communities, and is governed by a five-member elected body that meets monthly.  Our stations are staffed by three shifts of fourteen full-time firefighters, which are augmented by Reserve Firefighters (part-time).  The Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Administrative Manager and two Administrative Assistants handle the Administrative and Community Risk Reduction functions for the District.  Regionally, there is a Fire Investigation Task Force that is comprised of Fire Marshals and Investigators for our neighboring agencies.   There is also a broader network of Northern Arizona Fire Investigators, as well as a statewide group that meets regularly to help promote fire prevention and community risk reduction.

Education and Experience:

Associate’s degree in Fire Science or related field from an accredited college, plus at least  5 years of experience in Fire/EMS, with a minimum of two years in fire prevention, code enforcement, fire inspection, fire investigation or closely related role.  Please see job description for all requirements.

How to Apply:

A completed application, resume and supplemental questions should be submitted to CCFMD by Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.  Qualified applicants will be invited to participate in a one day assessment center on Monday, April 8, 2019.  Please send employment application, resume, cover letter and supplemental questionnaire to:

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Copper Canyon Fire & Medical
26B West Salt Mine Road
Camp Verde, AZ  86322
Phone: (928) 567-9401







Solicitation:  The Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District (CCFMD), headquartered in Camp Verde, Arizona, has determined a need to design and construct a new fire station (and possible administrative annex) on real estate that the District is currently acquiring with the goal  of improving our service delivery to our communities.  The District seeks the services of a qualified architectural firm to assist in accomplishing this goal.  This Request for Qualifications sets forth the process intended to be employed by the District to select the most suitable and qualified architectural firm that responds to this solicitation.


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Architectural Services information




Copper Canyon Fire & Medical

26B West Salt Mine Road
Camp Verde, AZ  86322
Phone: (928) 567-9401


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Welcome to the new website for the Copper Canyon Fire and Medical Authority, the newly minted agency responsible for providing fire suppression, emergency medical service, rescue, hazardous materials response, and fire prevention services to both the Camp Verde and Montezuma Rimrock Fire Districts.

By joint governing board approval, on May 18th 2016, both the Montezuma Rimrock and Camp Verde Fire Boards have agreed to form the Copper Canyon Fire and Medical Authority, effective July 1, 2016. It is expected that this bold action will not only help to preserve vital emergency services to both communities, but also, over time, allow for enhanced services and eventually lower costs (taxes) to the residents.

What is a Fire Authority?  Simply put, it is a contractual agreement between two or more fire agencies to establish a new entity to more efficiently and effectively provide services to the communities previously only supported by their individual fire agency.  Both fire districts remain in place, and pledge their assets, liabilities, and employees to the Authority to provide the service.  This results in economies of scale and better operational practices that reduce costs and lead to enhanced service delivery.

While the staff of Copper Canyon Fire and Medical are excited about this change and to continue to deliver service to the communities, we also recognize the commitment and sacrifices both communities have made over the decades to establish and support their fire districts.  We will honor this commitment by pledging to work diligently on your behalf to deliver the best possible service and care we are physically and economically capable of.

In return, we ask for your patience as we evolve into the Copper Canyon Fire Authority.  It was clearly a momentous decision by both Boards to agree to this change, but there is also a great deal of work to accomplish in order “blend” both organizations together.  Out on the streets, things will visually not change much, other than smiling faces with new uniforms that are operating from existing vehicles with new logos and lettering. We would ask that you please be patient with us as, however, as we work to refine many of our administrative practices and procedures over the coming months as we become “one”.

We will be using this website (with links to the two District’s websites), as well as press releases and social media to keep everyone informed of our changes.  We also look forward to addressing any concerns or comments about how we are doing in providing service to you.


Terry Keller, Fire Chief