Mission, Vision, Values

Customer service that is Caring, Friendly, Mission-driven, and Dependable
It is our mission to demonstrate:

  • Caring for our Customers, through the application of Community Risk Reduction practices;
  • skilled, effective and safe Fire Suppression, Rescue, and Hazardous Materials responses;
  • compassionate Emergency Medical Treatment and Transportation;
  • while employing  Dependable and Transparent Administrative and Financial practices.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to honor our communities’ trust by continuously improving as an organization; and to deliver service that consistently meets or exceeds the expectations of those we serve.

Core Values

  • People – We are passionate about the safety and welfare of all people.  We recognize that in order to best protect our communities, we must also ensure our employees are valued as well.  We will honor our commitment to our communities by striving to develop and reward all of our employees who exhibit commitment to our core values.
  • Customer Service – We are dedicated to providing selfless, compassionate, and consistent service to our customers.  We believe it is our responsibility to go above and beyond to provide excellent service to meet their needs.
  • Leadership – We are all leaders.  We recognize that our position within the community demands that we consistently and continually demonstrate behaviors that exhibit that we are all leaders. We believe such actions will lead to external partnerships and internal teamwork that will result in outstanding performance and continued support.
  • Integrity – Our personnel demonstrate accountability to each other and to our communities in all that we do.  We are dedicated to honest, ethical, and respectful behavior as we work to achieve our mission, because, above all else, we value the public’s trust.
  • Professionalism – We are a professional organization.  Our personnel will exhibit dedicated and competent behavior at all times.  We will employ highly-honed skills and competencies to accomplish our mission, while continually seeking opportunities to improve through innovative training and education that focuses on teamwork.
  • Risk Reduction –  We believe in the importance of proactive and innovative actions to create programs that reduce risk to our personnel and our communities  Through education, training, and community partnerships we will seek to reduce the risk to lives and property.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – We are committed to delivering accountable, transparent, and cost-effective service to our communities.  We believe we have a fiduciary responsibility to deliver the best service at the lowest cost while also maintaining adherence to our core values.
  • Progressive – We value innovation and evolution.  We recognize we must continually change in order to meet the future needs of our community.  We will perpetually seek new methods, resources, training opportunities, and education in order to meet our future challenges.