Joint Management Agreement for Fire Chief


Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District and Verde Valley Fire District Establish a Joint Management Agreement for the Fire Chief Position

Camp Verde, Arizona – 8/25/2023

In a move aimed at enhancing efficiency and collaborative efforts, the Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District (CCFMD) and Verde Valley Fire District (VVFD) proudly announce the establishment of a Joint Management Agreement for Fire Chief services. Discussions on this agreement have been ongoing since March of 2023 as both Fire Boards needed time to evaluate the potential impacts of this partnership to fire service in the Verde Valley Region. This collaborative initiative marks a significant step forward in enhancing efficiencies for fire and emergency services within the region, leveraging Chief Johnson's leadership and knowledge of fire districts, and fostering cooperation between the two Districts. This partnership is set to usher in an era of cooperation and resource optimization in fire service leadership within the region.

Under this Agreement, Fire Chief Danny Johnson will assume a dual leadership role, serving as the Fire Chief for both CCFMD and VVFD. This collaboration is a testament to the commitment of both Fire Boards to preserve service delivery, promote shared expertise, and maximize the utilization of available resources. The Agreement underscores the Districts' united dedication to the safety and well-being of the communities they serve.

Benefits of the Joint Management Agreement:

Enhanced Resource Utilization: Under the leadership of Fire Chief Danny Johnson, both Districts will benefit from a unified vision and direction, resulting in streamlined resource allocation and efficient deployment of personnel.

Cross-District Knowledge Transfer: Chief Johnson's experience and involvement in the Arizona fire service will facilitate the exchange of best practices, innovative strategies, and professional development opportunities for CCFMD and VVFD personnel.

24/7 Availability: With the same Fire Chief, both Districts can ensure consistent leadership availability and decision-making during emergencies. The partnership underscores a commitment to community safety by fostering a unified approach to emergency management and disaster response across both Districts, reassuring residents that their well-being remains the top priority.

Cost Savings: Having the same Fire Chief allows for economies of scale in administrative functions, reducing overhead costs and promoting responsible fiscal management. This directly contributes to the Fire Districts' goal of maximizing the utilization of available funding.

Evaluation Process: The initial term of this agreement is for 1 year with the ability to extend in subsequent years. During this time both CCFMD and VVFD will have the ability to monitor the success of this agreement while having the ability to evaluate other potential efficient uses of taxpayer dollars.

This collaboration and vison of both Fire Boards aligns perfectly with Chief Johnson's background in leadership concepts and mentoring, reflecting a team approach to fostering a cohesive and dynamic fire service environment. The Agreement is a shining example of the proactive steps that both CCFMD and VVFD Fire Boards are taking to redefine fire district management in Arizona.

As Chief Danny Johnson takes on this role, the Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District and Verde Valley Fire District look forward to a future characterized by teamwork, innovation, and community service. The Joint Management Agreement stands as a testament to their shared commitment to fiscal responsibility as well as the safety and well-being of the communities they proudly serve.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Josh Maxwell
Board Chairman
Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District 

Robert Brummett
Board Chairman
Verde Valley Fire District 

Danny Johnson
Fire Chief Verde Valley Fire District
Phone: 928-634-4865