Insurance Rating

The Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) is a private corporation that provides a rating system for public protection classifications. Fire districts across the nation are rated by ISO to determine a Public Protection Classification (PPC) number on a scale from 1 to 10.  With 1 being the best and 10 being less than the minimum recognized fire protection. Most major insurance carriers use the PPC in calculating your fire insurance premiums. In general, the price of fire insurance in a community with a good PPC is substantially lower than in a community with a poor PPC.

The ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC) is a fire risk rating tool that was originally designed in the early 1900s. The ISO classification schedule is based on communications (911/dispatch) services (10%), water supply (40%), and specific fire department resources (50%). This system, through analysis of all aspects of the Fire District and water supply, determines a fire district's ability to respond to fires and thus is used by many insurance companies to determine the risk and premiums associated with these risks from fire.

For more information check out ISO's website. Due to the limitations of this system, many insurance companies (including some of the top-rated) now do their own risk analysis to be more responsive in matching the real risk and market conditions and thus do not use the ISO system. Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District encourages individuals to get multiple quotes from ISO and non-ISO insurers.

ISO reevaluated Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District and has received what is known as a dual rating. The two ratings apply to different properties within the fire district boundaries, based on road miles from one of the three fire stations. The Public Protection Classification (PPC™) grades for our communities are effective January 1, 2023, and are applied using the following criteria:

PPC Grade 3: Addresses within five miles of a fire station.
PPC Grade 10: Addresses beyond five miles of a fire station.