Architectural Services

It is anticipated that the new fire station will be approximately 10,000 SF +/- to include three to four apparatus bays and accommodations for six to eight (6-8) firefighters.  The facility shall also incorporate a training/public meeting room to accommodate approximately 25 people.  Preliminary budget for this project is estimated to be approximately $2.0 million, exclusive of the property acquisition.

The District desires to retain the services of a qualified architect no later than May 31, 2019 with the intent of developing preliminary site layout, schematic drawings and renderings of the proposed facility. These preliminary drawings would provide a basis for Construction Document development and building permit acquisition.  It is the desire of the Fire District to have completed construction by January 2021; therefore, construction drawings shall be completed and submitted for plan review no later than January 2020.

Each proposer shall submit six (6) copies of the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ).  The SOQ’s must be enclosed in a sealed package, marked and delivered as follows:

Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District

26B West Salt Mine Road

Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Attn.:    Terry Keller

Fire Chief

Re:  RFQ for Architectural Services

Name of the proposer

All proposals shall be received no later than 3:00 P.M. on or before Wednesday April 10, 2019.  Any SOQ received after the date and time specified above will be returned, unopened, to the submitting party.

No facsimile or electronic SOQ’s or amendments will be considered.  Proposers are solely responsible for the delivery of their SOQ’s to the location specified on or before the date and time specified.


Reply to this request with six (6) copies of your response.  Limit your submittal to fifteen (15) 8 1/2” x 11” pages (text on one side only). Resumes may be included as an appendix.  A cover letter will not be considered as part of the fifteen (15) page limitation.  Covers and dividers will not count as a page if they do not contain any project specific or experience information. Submittals that exceed the fifteen (15) page limitation may not be considered.

A Selection Committee (comprised of line and staff members, the fire chief, and up to two Board members) will make a recommendation to the CCFMD Board of Directors, who will make the final selection at its sole discretion, including the discretion to reject of all Statements of Qualifications.  The Selection Committee, in making its recommendation to the Board of Directors, will rank the proposals based upon its evaluation of the Statement of Qualifications submitted using the system described below.  The Selection Committee may choose to interview a short list of proposers, or it may recommend an architect based solely upon the scoring of the SOQ’s and reference checks, or it may decline to make a recommendation.

Please address the following:

  1. Firm’s Capabilities- Experience and qualifications of the Architect Firm in providing services for similar projects constructed within the last five (5) years. Please cite total project cost figures, as well as price-per-square-foot figures for the completed project.  Please identify the construction company that built the project.  Please identify any unique or unusual design or construction challenges that had to be overcome for any of these projects. In any of the projects highlighted, please provide references.
  1. Firm’s Abilities to Meet a Client’s Design Development Needs under Limited Budget- Provide specific examples of unique and creative solutions for recent projects where limited budgets presented challenges. Please cite the means and methods in which these constraints were overcome, along with generalized financial information in support of the decisions or eventual approach employed.  Please cite any projects where design and material selection supported a reduced demand for energy usage and/or building performance and longevity. Please provide references for the projects highlighted in this section.
  1. Construction Manager at Risk vs. Design-Bid-Build Experience- Specify your firm’s experience with Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R) project delivery and/or Design-Bid-Build (D/B/B) experience, and list recent projects completed utilizing these construction management methods. Provide a Statement of Opinion as to the Pros and Cons of both the CM@R and D/B/B processes, and their suitability for our specific needs in consideration of our limited budget.  Please provide appropriate references for projects that are referenced.
  1. Project Approach- Discuss the various strategies you would employ during the design and construction phase of our project to mitigate anticipated design, value engineering and construction issues. Describe some design, material selection, and constructability issues and measures your firm would recommend for our project, given our constrained budget.        


  1. Project Schedule- Provide a graphic project schedule that identifies significant issues/tasks, the relationships between issues and tasks, and time frames required to address the completion of our project.

EVALUATION CRITERIA Evaluation of the submittals will be based on the following:

  • Firm’s capabilities and experience with similar projects
  • Experience of the firm in the successful completion of projects that had limited budgets
  • Creativity in the design of structures that focused on efficiency and utility without sacrificing the structure’s durability
  • References from similar projects
  • Project approach
  • Project schedule


Selection Schedule

April 10, 2019                     Proposals due

April 11-26                            Selection Committee Review

April 29-May 16                 Short list Interview(s) (If necessary)

May 21, 2019                      Board of Directors Review/Award

May 21-31, 2019                 Contract Negotiations/Approval

The Fire District reserves the right to adjust the above schedule as they may deem necessary or appropriate.

Specific questions may be directed to:

Terry Keller                     

Fire Chief

Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District

(928) 567-9401