Budget & Finance

Robyn Cook

Robyn Cook

Administrative Manager

Misty Weatherford

Administrative Accounts Assistant

Kerrie Tarver

Payroll & Benefit Specialist

The Administrative and Finance section handles public information and customer service, records management and retention, electronic communication and social media, minutes of meetings, policies and procedures, payroll, accounts payable / receivable, out-of-district billing, grant accounting, insurance issues and concerns, budgeting, human resource , invoicing for ambulance services, and clerical support for all areas of CCFMD.  Ambulance revenues are second only to property taxes as a major source of income for the Fire District. The Fire District is audited annually by an independent auditor to confirm that CCFMD is following acceptable accounting practices and manages the taxpayers’ monies appropriately.  In addition to the Administrative Manager the section includes an Administrative Accounts Assistant and an Payroll & Benefits Specialist. The Copper Canyon Fire and Medical District has set high standards of transparency and accountability.

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