CVFD History


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Since the District’s humble beginning in 1961, members of the Camp Verde Fire District have continually trained and prepared to respond to help their friends and neighbors when the siren sounded. Neighbors helping neighbors was the founding spirit behind the District, and it is still alive and well today. As a matter of fact, we call it the “CVFD Way”.

Located in the geographic center of the State of Arizona, and as part of the beautiful Verde Valley, our district has grown in size and services, taking on the added responsibility of providing paramedic services, ambulance transport, rescue services and hazardous materials response. Not only do we serve the 10,500+ residents of the Town of Camp Verde and surrounding area, we also provide similar services to the Yavapai-Apache Nation, whose reservation and casino are within our District.

Camp Verde Fire District is a combination department with 24 full-time and numerous reserve firefighters who work twenty-four hour shifts, responding from Station 81, located on Main Street. With a first due area of 27 square miles, and a dramatically varying terrain ranging from high desert to mountainous elevations, we receive many calls for emergency aid. In 2006 we responded to 2010 calls, a far cry from that single call in 1961.

While growth and changing needs have challenged the Camp Verde Fire District to constantly take new directions, the neighbors helping neighbors spirit established so many years ago lives on in each of Camp Verde’s firefighters. Just like their predecessors, they care about what happens in their community and stand at the ready to help when and where they are needed.